how u see urself

ON SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE… and ABUSE: Excessively damaged self-esteem will cause distress and impairment and is not healthy. However, to a degree, I believe that some impairment in confidence is normal in human beings. I believe that some degree of low self-esteem is not only normal but is healthy. It can make us more eager and more willing to please – making us a more cooperative social species. I of course am referring to a normal degree of blemished self-confidence. I also want to recognize that confidence is not a single issue. An individual might feel quite confident in one area of life, e.g., one’s job, yet feel self-conscious about his or her appearance or how he or she appears in social situations.

I do believe, however, that a strong global sense of confidence is rare – if it really occurs at all. So I am modifying the caption on this photo. Click:


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