Mind is a universe

The human brain weighs 3 pounds… 3 pounds of meat. How it thinks is a mystery far beyond my ability to explain. 
I comment on this photo which depicts the brain’s awesome power but also to convey how easy it is for something so complex to have even a tiny error that could result in a problem. The complexity is enormous. It contains 100 billion neurons. These 100 billion neurons make CONNECTIONS to one another. 
Bear with me for a moment without getting bored. I read once that the number of neural connections in a single human brain is equal to the number of all the atoms in the universe multiplied by the age of the universe – the age, not in years or light years, but in pico seconds. (A pico second is on millionth of a millionth of a second… which is the same as a trillionth of a second.) So the age of the universe in pico seconds is a really, really BIG number. Multiply that by the number of atoms in the universe and you have an even BIGGER number for the brain’s neural connections.
CONCLUSION: It would be a miracle for the brain to work perfectly and very understandable that it so often might have even a tiny error. 3 pounds of meat that thinks, wow.


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