Giving an Alienating Child Permission to Reject   1 comment


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  1. Your videos are very good, mostly; however, something all mental health professionals seem to be missing is level of abuse inflicted on the targeted parent by the alienated child. I have no interest in closure or being right. no other alienated parent I have met does either. There does need to be some respect and dignity in the relationship, and that is not a one-way street. Your recommendation of doing nothing and tolerating is no different than telling a woman to just put up with the abuse of her abusive husband. In my case my children where even physically abusive to me often leaving physical bruises. My children were only 1 & 3 at the time of the divorice, we were extraordinarily close, and I had no behavior problems with my children. The alienation took hold first in my daughter (the oldest) at approximately 15-16 years of age. She is now 27. That is the second thing mental health professionals seem to be missing the boat on. According to you, this is common in young children because you gleem all your information from court records. I read everything on parental alienation I could get my hands on and thought my situation was unusual due to the age of my children at the time of alienation. However, when I ran out of things to read I began to join forums and go to chat rooms for alienated parents. Virtually every parent became alienated from their child when they were in their mid-late teens and a great part of the alienatior a technique involved bribing the child. It is my belief that this creates a much greater choice & participation on the part of the teen, creating a justification process common in severe abuse cases and sociopathology.

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