Dr. Oz’s TV show on the Truth about Antidepressants, part 4 with personal video introduction   Leave a comment

The following is a summary of part 4:

In this segment, Daniel G. Amen, MD, a psychiatrist joins Drew Pinsky, MD, a primary care physician and Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz:             Who should be the first person to give you an antidepressant?

Dr. Daniel Amen:     A psychiatrist, someone who has training in how to use these medications appropriately.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky:         And how to assess them, too. Hey listen! I’m a perfect paradigm. I’m being encouraged both by the patients, by the system, by the pharmaceutical industry to prescribe medicines as an efficient way to help patients. I’m telling you. It’s a bad idea. I agree with Dr. Amen. My peers should not be prescribing them because we are not trained to assess this properly.

Dr. Oz:            What I think is the single most important thing I want you all to get out of this show… I don’t want any women in America to get on an antidepressant unless they talk to a psychiatrist first… because they’re going to untrained professionals in this space…. If you don’t go to a psychiatrist… you’re taking an unnecessary chance…. They [non-psychiatrists] don’t think [antidepressants] make you worse. Do [antidepressants] play a role saving lives? Absolutely! Are they right for everyone who’s on them? Absolutely, no way! There’s no way you can defend that. And when I see the information coming out… it makes me angry. Because we can do better. But we’re going to have to do it together. It’s you out there saying, “Hold it a second. I’m a little down. But I’m also fighting with my spouse. I’m not happy at work.”

…Depression’s like angina. You don’t just treat angina. You find out why you have the angina, and you treat that problem. There are two other things that we need to do before starting an antidepressant. First off you must demand a work-up from your doctor to figure out what can be causing it.

Dr. Drew Pinsky:         Absolutely, that’s our job as primary care is to rule out a medical cause that’s contributing or causing the depression symptom. And we rule that out. Then refer people on.  And we have to fight for our patients with these insurance companies that don’t want to give us these referrals.

The link to the video of part 4 of Dr. Oz’s TV show is     http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/truth-about-antidepressants-pt-4


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