Dr. Oz’s TV show on the Truth about Antidepressants, part 3 with personal video introduction   Leave a comment

The following is a summary of part 3:

Dr. Oz:        You worry that doctors are actually pushing, advocating, women to take antidepressants who might not need them.

Dr. Drew Pinsky:     Not just doctors but how about the pharmaceutical companies going out direct to consumers? We have to share the blame for this, all of us, every one of us -patients – I’m a patient, I’m a doctor – we all need to share this blame. The pharmaceutical companies went direct to consumers. [Patients] come in and they say, “I want this pill…. And that’s a shame. They need to let doctors do their job. We have to fight for patients to get the referrals they need which is the other place we fall down.

Dr. Drew Pinsky asks a patient:  “If [your] doctor had said, “Would you please see a psychiatrist or a therapist,” would you have resisted that? As a primary care doc, we expect that resistance! Patients, you’ve got to go in and fight for that. You’ve got to say, “I want to see an expert. I want to see someone who actually does this work, not my gynecologist, who doesn’t do that.”

The link to the video of part 3 of Dr. Oz’s show is http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/truth-about-antidepressants-pt-3


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