Dr. Oz’s TV show on the Truth about Antidepressants, part 2 with personal video introduction   Leave a comment

 The following is a summary of part 2 of Dr. Oz’s TV show on The Truth about Antidepressants.

 Dr. Drew Pinsky:        As a primary care doctor, I have no training in distinguishing between [types of depression], I could really mess things up.

Dr. Oz:          Sometimes you [the patient] cause problems that may actually get you to hurt yourself or run into problems even getting off these pills.

Dr. Daniel Amen – psychiatrist:     For the right person, it can be really helpful. Depression is a real illness that has serious consequences. But for the wrong person, it can be a disaster and make them more impulsive, more irritable, actually hurt the people you care about.

Dr. Oz:        …There are a lot of folks who are on antidepressants, not because they’re depressed, but because they’ve got other issues that they want to deal with.

Dr. Drew Pinsky:   I had something hammered in me in medical school – which is ‘no diagnosis, no treatment, no diagnosis no treatment.’ You can’t treat the symptom and expect a good outcome. You treat diagnosis. And if your diagnosis isn’t accurate, you cannot expect a good outcome. So the specific diagnostic situation… is to be fully flushed out before you even contemplate a treatment.  It may or may not include medication. But we are being so unsophisticated, and we are too prone to pull out a prescription pad.

Dr. Oz:    Depression fundamentally is not a disease. It’s a symptom.

 The link to the video of part 2 of Dr. Oz’s show is     http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/truth-about-antidepressants-pt-2


Posted April 17, 2013 by Les Linet MD in Child, Adult and Family Psychiatry

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