Syria, Iran and the N.R.A. vs. the World   1 comment


A negotiating conference on regulating global trade in conventional weapons reached a stark conclusion in New York this week. On one side, opposing the new pact, were Syria, Iran and North Korea. On the other side, favoring the new pact, was … everybody else.

Also opposing along with Syria, Iran and North Korea were interest groups, who could not vote. The opposition included the National Gun Rifle Association. As usual it drummed up dark visions of how any limits on conventional arms sales would deprive Americans of their weapons, which is totally false: The Obama administration bent over backwards to make sure the treaty excluded domestic sales and, in any event, as the American Bar Association affirmed, the treaty did not and could not infringe on Americans’ constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment Rights.

Proponents can and will take it to the United Nations General Assembly, possibly next week, where a binding majority vote is all that’s necessary for approval.

After that, President Obama, who was very instrumental in bringing the treaty to this point, may lead the way in quickly signing it and the Senate may ratify it. Could any senator justify agreeing with Iran, North Korea and Syria on this issue? WRITE TO CONGRESS


One response to “Syria, Iran and the N.R.A. vs. the World

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