Should a physician, specializing in psychiatry and child psychiatry, be concerned about GUN CONTROL?   Leave a comment


  1. Gun massacres result in post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional problems that are of concern to mental health professionals.
  2. I did not initiate the insertion of politics into guns and healthcare. I had previously posted the following:
    1. STIFFLING DOCTORS ASKING ABOUT GUNS – can you believe what got into Obamacare?
    2. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Title X, starting on page 2,037, line 23 is entitled “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights”. It contains five provisions dedicated to shutting down a doctor’s asking about guns.
    3. Provision 2 states doctors can’t collect data related to owning or using firearms.
    4. Provision 3 states doctors can’t use or maintain records of individual ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition.
    5. Provision 5 states that individuals do not have to disclose they own a gun.
    6. Such restrictions in a healthcare law effectively prevent doctors from counseling about gun safety such as locking guns and ammunition that are in the home.

Now who could have given politicians millions to intrude guns into healthcare?  THE ALLEGATION THAT I HAVE POLITICIZED GUNS AND HEALTHCARE IS MISPLACED. The NRA has used politics to intrude into healthcare. It is fitting for anyone to write to Congress if you believe gun control laws and their enforcement are appropriate in a civilized society. PLEASE  URGENTLY DO SO.


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