nazi brief

In all sensitivity, some have expressed objection to my call for repeal of the Second Amendment. One friend asked what I propose “after”a repeal of the Second Amendment.

First, I am not proposing a ban on gun ownership. The Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment went beyond membership in an organized militia and covered the right to own guns for defense of one’s person and home.

What I am concerned about is the “shall not be infringed” clause. The well-financed gun lobby and its lawyers have used this clause as a Constitutional bulwark

  • against universal background checks for all firearm purchases
  • against a ban on the sale of assault weapons and other firearms with high-capacity magazines
  • to induce Congress to constrain research on one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in childhood, including research on gun safety and storage of guns in the home
  • to induce Congress to cut funding from the Centers for Disease Control which had shown that the possession of a gun in the home increased the risk of firearm deaths rather than protecting those in the home. Congress should lift the ongoing restrictions constraining research on morbidity and mortality associated with guns in the home.
  • to prohibit physicians’ asking about possession of firearms in the home, effectively barring firearm safety counseling. This prohibition actually made it into the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). What is such a prohibition doing in healthcare? Firearm deaths and injuries are less likely to occur if guns and ammunition are stored locked. Physician counseling can increase safe storage of firearms in the home.

Lastly, I want to repeal the Second Amendment because – largely at the behest of the NRA – patriotism has become conflated with owning guns to defend against the dark prediction of a future tyrannical US government. In this scenario, the US  government would suspend the First Amendment and send storm troopers into the homes of law-abiding gun owners to confiscate their weapons. The result is that the NRA, largely funded by weapons manufacturers, frightens people into buying even more guns frightened by the scare-tactic of gun confiscation.

The main factor that differentiates the United States from other high-income countries is having a much higher rate of per capita gun ownership, correlating with a much higher firearm homicide rate and homicide rate overall. We ignore this huge disparity in gun availability and firearm death between the United States and other high-income countries at our collective peril.

Again, I call upon you to write to your legislators. Apathy serves a very aggressive and well-funded gun lobby.


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