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I am not advocating a constitutional amendment to ban gun ownership. I am advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment.

The often-debated Second Amendment, states that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.”  The constitutional ban against any infringement on this right is a legal bulwark, which the well-financed NRA and its lawyers have used and can continue to use as they did when the Supreme Court twice ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own guns. I am not arguing against the legality of owning guns. I am arguing against an un-infringed right to own every type of firearm.

A central issue goes beyond owning firearms. The NRA refuses to give an inch on the right to bear arms. They oppose even the registration of firearms in private sales. Cars are registered. Voters are registered. Even pets are registered. But the NRA argues that guns are different. Guns are necessary for patriotic freedom fighters to battle against a government that might one day use those registration records to confiscate the guns of law-abiding Americans. The NRA invokes the dark fantasy that the United States government will one day transform itself into a fascist state with storm troopers seizing American weaponry.

This scenario has long been peddled by the gun lobby to stir up donations to its cause. It is the reason that the federal background check system is not allowed to keep records of people who are approved to buy guns. The NRA claims that doing so would lead to a national gun registry and thus a road map for government storm troopers to follow to kick down doors in their search for guns.

However, with rights come responsibilities. Even our First Amendment right to free speech is infringed to the extent that one cannot yell fire in a crowded theater and one cannot legally defame another’s reputation and character by libel or slander. Yet the NRA opposes even such ‘infringement’ as the registration of firearms in private sales. The NRA essentially proposes that unregistered gun owners would be the freedom fighters who save us from tyrannical government.

The NRA makes the argument that background checks in gun shows and private sales –  and registration of such sales – could be connected to some future government tyranny. But the NRA refuses to accept a connection between “background checks” and the prevention of horrible crimes like those at Aurora and Newtown.

The notion that gun-toting patriotic Americans freedom fighters will oppose some future tyrannical United States government is nonsensical fantasy. The U.S. Government has drones which would be difficult to defeat with guns. Historically, the collapse of the Warsaw ghetto uprising in 1943 demonstrates the uselessness of gun ownership against a tyrannical government. The argument that Jews in the Warsaw ghetto simply did not have enough guns is yet another rationalization of the never-ending argument that the solution would be even more guns – sold to as many civilians as possible – for freedom’s sake.

The Second Amendment is outdated. Those using it to legitimize an un-infringed right to bear arms seem to leave out the part about a “well regulated Militia” being the reason for the right to keep arms – because of the absence  – (at the time) of a standing army. The Second Amendment is a Constitutional support used by the NRA and its merchants of death to make millions of dollars. It should be repealed.


One response to “Clarification: WHY I WANT TO REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT

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  1. Les,

    I am reading your blog at 5:53am in my hotel room in Chicago on Sunday 3/3/2013. I find that your arguments have validity.
    I am glad to see that my “snowball in hell” comment made it into your blog. I applaud your tenacity and determination to bring this topic to the attention of the general public.

    I will give you another keyword comment to disseminate on your blog “Don Quixoite tilting at windmills”

    I don’t know if I spelled his name correctly, but you get the idea.

    One request. Please give me credit for these pearls of wisdom.


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