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MAKE GUN CONTROL HAPPEN, Step 1: How to communicate with ALL your elected officials at one time

You cannot e-mail more than one of your elected officials at a time on his or her website. However, I have supplied a link, which will allow you to write all of your federal lawmakers at one time.

Members of Congress prefer to hear from their constituents by e-mail. It’s faster, easier to sort and doesn’t present the security risks of standard mail delivery. But you need to supply your address and other information to ensure that you are their constituent. Otherwise your message will likely not be read. The link below will take you to where you can enter your information.

Click the link:

  1. Click [Select an issue] >> Gun/weapons
  2. In the [Editable text] box, you may paste my sample letter, modify it, or write your own.
    1. Keep your message brief – at most 1 or 2 pages
    2. Be civil, respectful, and don’t use threats
    3. Identify the subject in the first paragraph
    4. Try to make it personal. Explain how the issue affects you and those you care about.
    5. Don’t be negative. Propose constructive solutions.

I have also supplied a link, which will allow you to write all of your state lawmakers at one time:

Here you can enter the same information and have your message sent to the governor, lieutenant governor, state senators and members of your state assembly. also has a link, which makes it easy to track how your representatives vote:

Remember, you are living in a wonderful country in which you can influence the government. Let’s do it.


Posted February 20, 2013 by Les Linet MD in Gun Control and the Second Amendment

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